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The Potomac Electronic Messaging System was built to create a better way to communicate important information to parties associated with your organization.  Potomac will improve  the appearance of your facility by removing all paper signage and placing the information on a TV screen for better viewing by the public.  Potomac Electronic Messaging creates high impact signage that will always be current!  The easy to use interface allows users to schedule items in and out of rotation without having to stop the system.  The Potomac Electronic Messaging system is the perfect solution for all of your organizations information needs.


The Potomac Electronic Messaging System is the easiest, most effective way for you to get messages out to the public. Potomac allows for multiple file types to be entered in to the system, while not making the administrator load any additional software or having to disrupt the slide show to add content.  Potomac allows you to schedule a date and time to display each individual item. You can schedule your content months in advanced!  Check out all the possibilities that Potomac has in store for your organization which includes the Rapid Alert feature which gives you the quickest way to communicate an emergency!

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Potomac Lite:

Potomac Lite is a cost effective way for K-12’s and public libraries to use the power of the Potomac system. Potomac Lite gives your site the ability to use the same functionality of a Potomac system while limiting the database to storing 30 slides and 3 RSS feeds.

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Potomac Plus:

Potomac Plus has the same functionality as the Potomac with the added ability to schedule a TV broadcast in the display rotation.  Control all your content and television channels without having to walk over and change your inputs on the monitor. The Potomac Plus also includes the Rapid Alert feature, this allows for the quickest way to communicate an emergency!

Potomac Enterprise Manager:

The Potomac Enterprise Manager allows for a efficient way for content administrators to configure multiple Potomacs.  You can add content to up to 50 Potomacs all from the same interface.  Potomac Development Corporation, recommends Potomac Enterprise Manager when you have 3 or more Potomac Electronic Messaging appliances.

Potomac Interactive:

The Potomac Interactive is a interactive kiosk solution for any application. The Potomac Interactive is completely customizable for your business. With the Potomac Interactive you can:

  • surf the Internet
  • retrieve E-Mail
  • create pay-per-view kiosks
  • create flexible "attraction loops"
  • create on-screen keyboards easily
  • collect data with user input fields
  • process E-Mail (mail to) hyperlinks
  • and much more!

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